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With a new age of Google, many SEO professionals are lost because many brute force tactics don’t work anymore. Some of the current pitfalls of SEO are: Guest Posting Blog Spamming Making the anchor links, title tags, and keywords all the same thing Having “dofollow” links to spam articles Duplicate Content Low-Quality Content To really […]

You can do many things by having your own¬†website. Having a website provides access from the world to your thoughts, opinions, products, and services. Websites also allow you to share updates about your life, pictures, and videos. Web sites make visitors feel that you are possibly more accessible and easier to communicate with you. If […]

We are offering our Omaha web hosting for people who are disabled at a 20% discount off on the regular price. Disabilities can be mental or physical, and can drastically effect someone’s way of life. Websnoogie recognizes the need to join with others to support our community, and providing this discount is one way of […]

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