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To Make text appear italic, use the <i>tag before and after the text</i>that you are adding. Using the italics tag is very easy, and it can make your website look more professional to the visitor. You can also code your text using CSS. An example if italics in CSS is: .your-css { font-style: italic; } […]

To make your website display text that is in BOLD, use the <strong>tag before and after</strong> the text you are adding. — OR — You can bold text using CSS: .my-text { font-weight: bold; } <div class=”my-text”>This is some text</div> Adding bold text can make your text stand out more, and it also makes your […]

A web page is simple to create. Just open Notepad (comes with Windows and Mac), label your document at the top in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) <html>, next, add the head <head> tag to the page, close the head tag </head>, add a body tag <body> Link to this post!

It’s very easy, and you can do this in WordPress using the text editor as well. Just add the following syntax to your web page: <img src=”http://path-to” alt=”information about your image”> If you want your image to appear on the left side of the page: <img src=”http://path-to” alt=”information about your image” style=”float:left”> Using […]

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