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Name Servers, or sometimes used as nameservers is a web hosting term for a human language of IP addresses pointing at a domain or a particular host. Typically, you will have 2 name servers so if one fails, the other will point that domain to the correct location. The process of performing the pointing of […]

The .htaccess is a hidden file usually kept in the root directory of a web application that stores information and provides more control over the web hosting server. Some server applications can be accessed with .htaccess files, and the information that is entered can also control who can visit a website or server. .htaccess can […]

The CTR or click through rate comes from your analytics, such as Google Analytics and is a formula to determine the ratio of the number of visitors to your website to the number of visitors who clicked a certain link on your website. The formula is very important to web designers and marketers. If a […]

The best practices with Omaha SEO for your business marketing is your title tags to stay within 50-70 characters in your title of the pages on your website. We have found adding more than one single keyword in your title can be of value. Make your titles very clear with primarily focusing on marketing your […]

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