Monthly Archives: April 2016

We want to recognize all of the dedicated and hard working volunteers that give so much time with helping in the community. It takes a special person to be a volunteer and sometimes volunteering can hard work. We also volunteer when possible and find a great deal of satisfaction with helping others. Our volunteers should […]

We power many non-profit (not for profit, NGO, 501) websites, and many of those are located in Nebraska. Our roles vary according to our client’s needs. With some clients, we manage their website, with others, we just provide staff training. Included with our work for nonprofits, we provide free consultations to find solutions to challenges […]

That’s right! We are giving a 10% discount for today, April 7th, the National No Housework Day! You can get our incredible developer web hosting with a 10% discount while you take it easy with not worrying about the housework. Celebrate this day in two different ways: 1) If you normally are responsible for the cleaning, […]

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