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More About Our White-label Reseller Options with Web Design and Hosting

More About Our White-label Reseller Options with Web Design and Hosting We offer a full range of white-label web design and web hosting services for our clients. We will purchase the domains and register the domains in our reseller customers’ name as well. Currently, we have several companies and individuals that resell our services. The reason why resellers of web services are attracted to us is because the pricing for our web design services allows for them to add a very decent markup, and in some cases, they make well over $1,000 per website. We also have companies that resell our web hosting and make up to $200 residual profit per account per year. With some of our white-label resellers, we only set up the web hosting, set the domain, install WordPress Read More →

How to Become a Local Online Services Provider

How to Become a Local Online Services Provider   In several previous blog posts, we have discussed how to join Websnoogie and make income. In our last post on Bulk Web Hosting, we discussed how it is advantageous to purchase multiple web hosting accounts at a discount, offering those accounts, and making a decent profit (up to 110%). We are now providing the same discounts for our Coupon websites and business directories as well. The formula is simple. You purchase multiple accounts at a high discount for either Web Hosting, and-or Coupon Websites (that perform well in the Omaha area), an and-or Business Directories (Currently in Council Bluffs), add your profit and provide those services to clients. We also offer opportunities to provide web design services as well. Read More →

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