Glossary of Web Hosting Terms

A glossary of terms from Websnoogie, LLC to help answer questions for Web Design, Web Hosting, SEO, and Computers. We provide the glossary in order to reach out to our website visitors. It helps them better understand the terminology used in the industry. The more that we can help you with good information, we feel it makes for a much better relationship. Some of the areas that we cover are:

Areas that is covered by the website design and hosting glossary:

  • Web Design Terms
  • Hosting Terminology
  • Internet Terminology
  • Infastructure Terms
  • VOIP Telephony Terms
  • Computer Terminology
  • Marketing Terminology
  • and much more!

We hope that you will gain valuable information from viewing our Omaha web design and hosting glossary. Please contact if you would like to have new terms added, and you have any questions regarding the terminology or services.

PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor (it does not look like it, but that is what PHP stands for) is a programming language. One major difference between PHP and HTML is that HTML code is transmitted from the server (web host) to another computer and then the browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox) and the receiving computer […]

Web Design or Website Design is the action of coding in HTML, PHP, or Javascript to format information in a way that is usable and pleasing to the eye. Most web designers have special training that they received to do the coding. Web Design is relatively new to the world since it has only been […]

A Web Template or Website Template is pre-formatted in HTML so you can build website much more easily. Most templates are built from web designers that add some type of back end interface to make it easier to adjust or change the content on the website where the template is placed. Using a web design […]

Hyper Text Markup Language or HTML is coding that is used to make a website or document. HTML is code is sent from a computer that is hosting (web hosting) a document to a clients computer and translated in the computer browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc.). HTML formats the information so it is readable […]

A domain name is a website name that has an associated IP assigned to it. Humans would have a very hard time remembering all the IP numbers to visit places on the internet so the domain name is a way of assigning an associated name with one particular IP address so we as humans can […]