Glossary of Web Hosting Terms

A glossary of terms from Websnoogie, LLC to help answer questions for Web Design, Web Hosting, SEO, and Computers. We provide the glossary in order to reach out to our website visitors. It helps them better understand the terminology used in the industry. The more that we can help you with good information, we feel it makes for a much better relationship. Some of the areas that we cover are:

Areas that is covered by the website design and hosting glossary:

  • Web Design Terms
  • Hosting Terminology
  • Internet Terminology
  • Infastructure Terms
  • VOIP Telephony Terms
  • Computer Terminology
  • Marketing Terminology
  • and much more!

We hope that you will gain valuable information from viewing our Omaha web design and hosting glossary. Please contact if you would like to have new terms added, and you have any questions regarding the terminology or services.

An IP address is several numbers separated by dots (periods) and is how computers talk to each other. An IP address is like a street address in the real world and it’s the way a computer knows where to send the information when it needs to send information to another computer. IP addresses are limited […]

FTP or file transfer protocol is a way of transferring files from one computer to another computer. Usually, the files are being transferred from a desktop computer to another computer on the internet (server). ftp can be performed with or without the assistance of extra software. You can transfer any type of file with FTP. […]

cPanel is an easy to use control panel that someone can log into and change or add functions to the associated web hosting account. cPanel hosting is when the hosting provider assigns cPanels with hosting accounts. The cPanel control panel is licensed software that a web hosting company leases. Many major web hosting providers use […]

A computer (server) that stores the information about a website or an application and then sends the information to a visitors computer when they type in that particular web address. There is free and paid web hosting. Most free web host are limited in their capabilities, do not have longevity, and require a minimum number […]