Web Design in Omaha

Small Businesses and Nonprofits

Prices Starting at$289

All Websnoogie Clients Receive:

  • Free Web Applications (we have over 100)
  • Free 24/7 Website Monitoring
  • Free Updates of WordPress and Plugins
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Free Transfer of Website to Our Hosting
  • Free Website Backups
  • Free WordPress Setup
  • Free Marketing Consultations
  • Free CDN (speeds up website)
  • Free IT Services (we take care of domain settings for hosting)

We offer affordable web design in Omaha, and we build our websites with quality and speed. When we build your website, we always keep your business goals in mind.

A common mistake when creating a website is to rush and miss minor details that affect your presence on the web. We will take the time to work with you and research your industry to help you promote your branding or message.

We use excellent standards and practices in HTML coding and also use tags to identify graphics. We will place a call to action on different areas of your website to increase sales.

Our Process of Designing Your Website

We use a seven-step process in our web design and development. We have found this process makes it easier for the client to communicate their objectives. It is easier for us to provide a design that everyone will be extremely happy with. We will perform a survey of your company’s goals and needs. This process is where we find out more about your company and what you expect out of the Web. Our seven-step process includes:

  1. Consultation – Our representative will sit down with you and perform a survey to find out your needs for your business. We will make suggestions relevant to your business based on our experience. We know that you are the best expert on how your business operates, and your goals and visions for your company. We will explore your branding and message to provide you with the best possible penetration of your market.
  2. Website Analysis – We will perform a competitive analysis to observe how others in your industry are doing on the internet. We may also make recommendations to you that will enhance your internet marketing, SEO, branding, and message.
  3. Mock-up or a Website Demo – Websnoogie will build a mock-up or a demo. The mock-up is when we build a sample of how your website will look after it goes into production. We may consult with you as we are building the web design mock-up to find out more about your company and give you additional recommendations based on our years of experience in design and development.
  4. Approval Process – We will get your approval and feedback on our work and make changes that you feel are important to your company. You can also discuss changes that you would like to make to any content that you have provided to us.
  5. Going Online – Production: after your website is built and you have approved the layout, the website will go online. During this phase of our design process, you will have the opportunity to provide us with minor changes. We also may suggest changes that will optimize your site.
  6. Web Training and Support – We will perform comprehensive training on how to use the “back end” of your website and make any additional changes that you require. The training process includes adding pages, graphics, changing the content, or posting to a blog.
  7. Follow Up – We follow up by providing free questions and answers on the operation of your website.  We provide this service for the life of the site. We pride ourselves on making our company very accessible at almost any time that you need us.

Website Management, and Marketing

We also provide solutions for website management, web design, web hosting, SEO and marketing for a very reasonable cost. We have clients with different needs for each one of these services. Some of our customers require website management while we have other customers for which we only provide search engine marketing services. Websnoogie also has several clients for which we provide total solutions, and we help them save money on any in-house labor. All SEO clients receive free web design and web hosting. You always have our assurance that our web work is done quickly and accurately.

Web Design for Independent Contractors too!

We specialize in small businesses and independent contractors. Websnoogie will provide the highest exposure possible on the web at an affordable cost. Our websites are designed to bring a small business new leads or conversions (sales). Our websites also include designs for professionals such as doctors and attorneys.

Web Services at its best!

The basic elements of design are very important to make sure that you are a success on Google. Most companies are interested only in production and cost. Our company looks at what will best make your cash register ring. Basic design elements are:


To build a great website, good standards and practices of coding are necessary to ensure a page renders properly on all browsers. A good designer should have a knowledge base and experience to produce the best product possible.

Graphics Design

The graphics can make or break the overall appearance of the website. The graphics need to be compelling while clearly stating the message and overall meaning of what the website is trying to convey. Your graphics designer should be familiar with Adobe Photoshop and Corel’s Illustrator programs. The layout should be engaging and lead the visitor to the objective of the website.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Creating a website that is search engine friendly is important to the landscape of today’s business world. There are hundreds of sites competing for the same #1 position, and the website that scores the best overall with Google is the one that will get the most attention. It is important to have an overall understanding of what Google requires to make a website search engine friendly. Our company provides first-rate coding to get you noticed on search. Content is very important as well. Too many keywords can end up being detrimental and, at the same time, too few keywords can yield no results.

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Web Design services starting at $289.
SEO and Internet Marketing services starting at $140 per month.
Web Hosting services starting at $79 per year.
We offer the highest quality in web design and internet marketing. Websnoogie specializes in nonprofit (NPO, 501, NGO, Not for profit) organizations and small business contractors (including roofers, carpet companies, cleaning companies, landscape companies, remodeling/construction companies). We are based in Omaha, Nebraska, but we have customers located across the United States.
If you would like to know more about our company and who we are, feel free to look at our about us page, and how we can help you enhance your business.
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