We have had a great year by building websites and adding many clients to the web hosting platform. Many of the clients that we have designed websites for are non-profit organizations (NPOs). We enjoy working with non-profits because they always have a very worthy cause. Many of the organizations protect the rights of children, help families in need, and provide health resources for the community. We were one of the sponsors for the 2013 National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI Nebraska) Walks.

What we found is that working with non-profits requires an understanding of budget limitations, goals of the organization, and building an alliance where a project can be completed promptly.

Budget Limitations – Because of changes in grants from the federal government and the economy, budgets also need to be adjusted accordingly. Working with a non-profit to find reasonable solutions with web design is a must while providing website integrity, and the website look and feel.

Goals of the Organization – Most organizations have needs including fundraising, public distribution of information, forums, and private distribution of information. We work to design the website by also working as an associate to recommend how to create content. We use current marketing strategies for doing the best job possible in order to convey a message to the public, and building ongoing streams of funding. Web design should always include the look and feel, usability, and be searchable.

Alliance – With all of our non-profit clients, we have become part of their team. That means we are responsive and available when necessary. We work with our NPOs as a friendly professional striving to complete the mission of their organization. Collaboration is one of the primary keys to completion of any project including meeting the client onsite, via phone, or by email. We also perform an in-depth professional training for all client members and the information that we provide is understandable and usable to the organization.

We look forward to the future client relationships with non-profit organizations, and we offer our web design skills with a purpose for each organization that we work with. When designing a website for an NPO, we are working with them as a partner. We provide work for several large and small organizations and include many in Nebraska and across the country.

Web Design services starting at $289.
SEO and Internet Marketing services starting at $140 per month.
Web Hosting services starting at $79 per year.
We offer the highest quality in web design and internet marketing. Websnoogie specializes in nonprofit (NPO, 501, NGO, Not for profit) organizations and small business contractors (including roofers, carpet companies, cleaning companies, landscape companies, remodeling/construction companies). We are based in Omaha, Nebraska, but we have customers located across the United States.
If you would like to know more about our company and who we are, feel free to look at our about us page, and how we can help you enhance your business.

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