i_server-200wHosting, or in this case web hosting is the capability to store formatted documents (usually in HTML) and transmit the document information to a user’s computer to be displayed (in most all cases) on a web browser. Hosting is usually a paid service. Hosting also usually consist of a control panel to help the operator of the website to have better control of different facets of the website. Examples are IP Blocking, Email forwarding, Installing additional software, Setting Up MySQL Databases, and adding Password Protection of document files (mostly HTML pages) and document folders.

Web Hosting has been utilized since the beginning of the internet.

Websnoogie has many clients across the United States that use our web design and (hosting) web hosting services. We have clients on the east and west coast, in the south (almost to the Mexico border), and many located in Nebraska.

Tami -- with Websnoogie, LLC
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