In this WordPress tutorial, we will show you how to set the featured image in a WordPress post. Using the featured image can help enhance your post according to your theme, make you post more search friendly, and help the user understand and explain the post.

To set a featured image for your post, navigate to the right-hand side of the screen and scroll down to the “Featured Image” module. Now, click set featured image. You will now be on the select featured image page where you can drag and drop your images, or click “Select File” and upload your image. The method for uploading your image is similar to uploading images with Facebook. When you click “Select File”, you can then upload your image. You can also select a picture from those that are currently uploaded by navigating to the upper-left corner of your screen and clicking on the “Media Library” tab.

If you are using this method, click on the image that your wish to use, and then in the lower-right corner, click “Set Featured Image”. You can then navigate to the right side of the screen and click “Preview” to preview your image, or you can click the “Publish” button for your post to go live, so the world to see it.

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