Useful Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Web Design and Hosting , and Other Topics

Answers to frequently ask questions (FAQs) on many subjects from our Omaha Web Design and SEO company. Our FAQ’s cover many different questions including miscellaneous questions. We include:

Examples of Websnoogie FAQs

  • Employment
  • Web Hosting
  • Web Design
  • Payments
  • Payment Schedules

And much more. We also include different questions that you may have like for example, “What is a Websnoogie and Why Do I need One?”. Websnoogie offers information on for those who only want to market our services on the web (Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin) to earn some extra money without being employed by Websnoogie, LLC. Our company is constantly trying to find solutions to share with you to make your web design or hosting experience better because it hopefully will reduce the worry that you have about a new project. If you ever have a question that you feel will be beneficial to our frequently ask questions, please call us at 402-813-4034, or fill out the form at

Video on Reusable Blocks in WordPress

[wpmudev-video video=”gutenberg-reusable-blocks”] Reusable blocks are an excellent way to speed up content creation in the WordPress framework. If you create a block you can save it from the menu using the three vertical dots at the top of the block (block options), give the block a name and save the block. If you click on […]

Non-profit organizations web design discounts

We always provide discounts to non-profit organizations. The amount of the discount is usually a minimum of 33% less than what other web design companies may charge. We also may provide additional free services to your non-profit, depending on if we host the website on our servers. The amount that your organization will pay depends […]