Omaha Yext Certified Partner

Websnoogie, LLC is a proud Omaha Yext Certified Partner, and we offer complete Yext services to the general public.

Google recently made an agreement with Yext™ to provide updates directly to Google products (Google+, etc.) directly from the Yext console. With the inclusion of Google, Yext now plays a role in updating all three search engines. The addition of Google is a massive event that affects the landscape of SEO (your ranking on the web).

The problem is businesses change their addresses, have incorrect information and inconsistent information entered, and old phone numbers. Sometimes businesses also have duplicate business listings that can hurt you on the search engines as well.

Yext provides a solution to this issue by making sure your listings are consistent in all the directories at once and suppresses any duplicate listings on the search engines.

Also, Yext will place your business in well over 50 local directories, so it makes your company easier to be found when a prospective customer is searching.

As a proud Yext Certified Partner and provider, Websnoogie, LLC offers the Yext directory listings for only $85 per month. Many companies charge $199 for the same service (yikes). Also, we also offer our web design services and an essential SEO service that includes the Yext directory listing service for on $140 per month.

Please call 402-813-4034 if you have any additional questions regarding Yext or the other services that we provide, or feel free to fill out the support form as well.

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