Web Design Tips

Great tips on web design and how to make your website look awesome from our Omaha Web Design Company.

When designing your website, sometimes it necessary to have different font sizes. Changing font sizes may be necessary to better help explain your content, organize your content, or may particular content stand out more to your visitor. Changing font sizes is a fundamental part of web design. You can use the font-size property in a […]

Sometimes when constructing your website, you need to add content (text) with pictures. Learning to wrap text around the image can make your site look more professional to the visitor. Most publications aligned images even long before the internet even existed. You can change the alignment by using the “float” property in CSS (cascading style […]

You can make an image larger when you add “width” and “height” to the image property. When doing web design, just simply add this to the image statement: <img src=”path/to/my/image.jpg” width=”400″ height=”400″ alt=”information about my image” /> You can also use CSS to make an image larger as well. To make an image larger with […]