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Approximate Price Range of Our Web Design Services for Nonprofits

Approximate Price Range of Our Web Design Services for Nonprofits While our web design and web hosting clients enjoy our services and find our price ranges very cost affordable, we still strive to offer highly interactive and informational websites. Your price can vary according to the number of pages, pictures, and how many hours that is required to design and build the website. Most of the sites that we build are under $1000, with many of our clients paying under $800. Over 85% of quotes become new customers. All consultations are performed free of charge and over 85% of the perspective customers that we quote, go with Websnoogie for their web design and web hosting needs. We also include free services such as setting up email accounts (up to 12 Read More →

5 Rules that Will Help Your Non-Profit Organization on Facebook

5 Rules for non-profits marketing on Facebook Non-profits are usually working very hard to get their message out and also to raise funding. One big problem is there is not always good information on how to promote your organization on Facebook. Sometimes non-profits can gather an audience faster in most industries, and that depends some on their cause and the amount of time they connect with members and visitors online and offline. Much of using social media is about maximizing your exposure so your organization can spend less time working on it, and you can devote more time working on your cause. Below is a simple list of things you can do to increase your exposure on Facebook: 1- Limit the number of articles that go to Read More →

Our Web Design Work With Non-Profit Organizations in Nebraska

Our Web Design Work With Non-Profit Organizations in Nebraska Websnoogie web design with non-profit organizations is a collaboration process of working together as a team. We strive to create websites that are high quality and  crisp, but we also understand the budgetary requirements of non-profit organizations. We understand the funding associated with state and federal contracts, grants, and private funding as well. Each of these sources can have specific requirements including the total amount paid for the project, payment schedule, and specific requirements regarding applications that need to be utilized on the website. The use of HIPAA compliance may also be a necessary part of a contract, and we have the capability to provide solutions and manage those needs as well. Services that we have managed or built for non-profit clients include: Web Design Read More →

Websnoogie Updates With Web Design for Non-Profit Organizations

We have had a great year by building websites and adding many clients on the web hosting platform. Many of the clients that we have designed websites for are non-profit organizations (NPOs). We enjoy working with non-profits because they always have a very worthy cause. Many of the organizations protect the rights of children, help families in need, and provide health resources for the community. We were one of the sponsors for the 2013 National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI Nebraska) Walks. What we found is that working with non-profits requires an understanding of budget limitations, goals of organization, and building an alliance where a project can be completed in a timely manner. Websnoogie Updates With Web Design for Non-Profit Read More →

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