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Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia

When you look at the data available, we have decided to make Council Bluffs Iowa one of our primary target markets for web hosting, web design, and SEO services. Council Bluffs web design is a great industry because of several factors. Not only does the city have proximity to Omaha geographically, but it also has a very stable economy and a steady record of growth. Declining unemployment is also noted and a leading indicator that CB is on the rise with industry growth. The public and private sector has also combined forces to make these changes possible and has created the Pottawattamie County Growth Alliance. We have also seen a recent surge in independent contractors and small businesses who have contacted us regarding our services who live in the CB area and small business web development is one of our primary markets. Small business also makes up a good portion of Websnoogie’s customer base.

We will be working with our agents in the Council Bluffs area to make the following services readily available to the community:

  • Web Hosting
  • Web Design Services
  • Search Engine Optimization (Marketing)

We look forward to continuing the support for our neighboring cities by providing things like Council Bluffs web hosting and hope they will have continued growth in the future.

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