CPanel is an easy to use control panel that someone can log into and change or add functions with the associated web hosting account. cPanel hosting is when the hosting provider assigns cPanels with a hosting accounts.

The cPanel control panel is licensed software that a web hosting company leases. Many major web hosting providers use cPanel Hosting.

Some things that a cPanel will typically control are:

  • Email (adding, deleting, and forwarding)
  • Access control to a directory (blocking access without a password)
  • Blocking IP or internet addresses from visiting a website and/or web hosting account associated with that cPanel.
  • Controlling the IP records (also known as the MX record and it is information that allows someone to visit the website) associated with a domain (website name) that is assigned to the cPanel.

A cPanel has a place to login with the user name and password.

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