In this video tutorial, we are going to discuss how to make list in your WordPRess page or post. The creation of list can make a page look better and add a professional touch.

You have two different types of list that you can create in your WordPress post or pages. The first type of list is the bullet or unordered list. To create an unordered list, click the unordered list button on the text editor toolbar, and start typing. Each time you enter a line, press the return key and go to the next line. When you are finished, click the unordered list button again, and you will be back into regular text editing mode.

To create an ordered list, click the ordered list button and follow the same steps as above. Click the preview button to preview your changes or the publish button to give access to your content for the world to see.

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Unordered List

  • Example 1
  • Explame 2
  • Example 3

Ordered List

  1. Example 1
  2. Explame 2
  3. Example 3