Adding new pages can provide more value to your website. When adding new pages, you want first to have the content (text and images) prepared, and it is best practice to resize your images before uploading them to the page.

To create a page, go to the dashboard column on the left side that has a black background, and hover over “Pages” them click “Add New”. Close to the top of the screen, there is an area to insert the title of your page. After you have created the title, click in the large white area (text editor) and paste in your content, or optionally, write your content. The text editor contains the are that you want to display in the body of your page. If you are happy with the content on your page, you can go to the right side of your page, and click preview. If you do not want to publish your page yet, you can click “Save Draft”, and the page will not be published, but save for a later time.

If you are ready to publish, then click the publish button on the right side of the page and your page will be live for the world to see.

If you need help or you need a new web design or hosting company, we are there to help you. Please call 402-813-4034, or contact us through our support page.

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