If there is an image that you want to include in your post, but you don’t want to have to download it and reupload the image to your site, you can use the images URL to embed a picture directly into your post or page. First, find the image that you want to use, in your web browser, right-click on the image and click “Copy URL”. Depending on your browser, it may instead say “Copy Image Location”, or “Copy Image Address”.

Now with the page open and within the post or page editor, go to add media, and then look for an option on the left side called “Insert from URL”. Now, you should see a text box open to paste in the web address that you had copied earlier. You will then see a thumbnail of the image, and you can add additional information regarding the alignment of the image when it is inserted into the post, and any “alt text” (description of the image for visually impaired visitors), and then click insert into post.

Please keep in mind that because that the image is not on your server, and you have no control over it, so if the owner changes or deletes the image, the change will show up on your website as well. After you are done, press the preview or publish button (both buttons are located to the right of your post or page).