In several previous blog posts, we have discussed how to join Websnoogie and make income. In our last post on Bulk Web Hosting, we discussed how it is advantageous to purchase multiple web hosting accounts at a discount, offering those accounts, and making a decent profit (up to 110%). We are now providing the same discounts for our Coupon websites and business directories as well.

The formula is simple. You purchase multiple accounts at a high discount for either Web Hosting, and-or Coupon Websites (that perform well in the Omaha area), an and-or Business Directories (Currently in Council Bluffs), add your profit and provide those services to clients. We also offer opportunities to provide web design services as well.

What this opportunity is not:

  • MLM
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • A company with no “Back-end” Support

What it is:

  • A Solid Local Omaha Company
  • Strong Support and Structure
  • Exceptional Customer Service

The primary difference that separates our company from other online internet marketing “opportunities” is that we are a legitimate local business. We are a neighborhood company that is listed with the Omaha Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau, and the Millard Business Association. We are not located in another state and again, we are not typical “online marketers”. We believe in providing a great product at a good price, and backing it up with strong online support because unlike other online companies, we have a local public reputation at stake.

Q: Do I need technical skills to provide online services?
A: Absolutely not! That is our job and what we do best. YOU become our client, and it is our job to make sure YOU are happy, and not the other way around.

Q: I am new to my business. Will you help me with my structure?
A: Yes! We have someone who has a vast experience with business operations and organization.

Q: Do I need to stay in contact with you when signing up new clients?
A: In the beginning probably yes (we are happy to support you), but most of our services does not require calls or emails. You will either simply fill out a form or sign in and have a special authorization.

Q; I do not live in Omaha or Council Bluffs. Do you have online services that I can provide in my area?
A: Yes. Websnoogie web hosting services can be provided from any locality.

Q: Is this my own business or is there some way that I can be fired?
A: It is your business, and to “bottom-line” it, f someone promises services that are false (eg, we will build your website for $10), makes claims (eg., you will get a free 1 week vacation to the Bahamas by signing up), or is rude to a customer (there is never a situation that you can not walk away from), their agreement will be terminated.

Q: I want to start tomorrow. How long does it take to become an online services provider?
A: We can get you started the same day. It is just a matter of setting up you special authorization to accounts on the system.

Q: Where should I start providing services?
A: The vast majority of businesses is small business in Omaha and Council Bluffs with many of those businesses consisting of a single business owner. Many or most small businesses has little or no online presence even though that is how the vast majority of perspective clients will find them.

Web Design Services Starting at $200
SEO Services Starting at $140 per month
Web Hosting Services starting at $79 per year
We offer the highest quality in web design and marketing. We specialize in nonprofit (NPO, 501, NGO, Not for profit) organizations and small business contractors (including roofers, carpet companies, cleaning companies, landscape companies, remodeling/construction companies). We are based in Omaha, Nebraska, but we have customers located across the United States.
If you would like to know more about our company and who we are, feel free to look at our about us page, and how we can help you enhance your business.

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