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When it comes to promoting and marketing your Omaha business on Pinterest, you must remember to make the right impression on your audience. The nature of business will greatly effect and define your Pinterest marketing/ promotion campaign. However, one important thing is to make sure that you Pin boards don’t look like advertisements for your business. A self-centered promotional effort will get you nowhere. Pinterest is a social community, and you must follow the rules. Even if you are a business, trying to push your products for sale, you still need to interact with the community and make valuable contributions that people will like. To fulfill this, you may consider creating a few boards that are not related to your business but inspire others through interesting photos, funny quotes or anything eye-catching. Once you have developed a good relationship with the users, you can use Pinterest to promote your products. Here are a few effective strategies:

• Create A Visually Appealing Online Catalog
If you sell physical products then this is the best way to promote on Pinterest. Create visually appealing online catalogs that display your products beautifully. to be more effective, make sure that the products are well categorized into different boards. for example, if you own garment store, you may have a board for women’s clothes, one for men’s clothes, one for kids, and so on. Remember to include the price tag to each picture, and ensure that the images link back to the product description page of your Omaha website.

• Keep Your Pin Boards Growing
Just like in any social community, you must keep your profile alive to enjoy the benefits. So make sure that you regularly update your pin boards and add more interesting and pinnable images to it. You may schedule the images to stay on the track. You should also participate in the community to know what the new trend is. This will help you understand what to pin or re-pin. This will drive more traffic to your boards to check out what you have to offer.

• Connect To Your Customers Emotionally
Pinterest doesn’t need to be all about marketing and promoting your brand; instead show the human side of your brand to your customers. Social media is all about community, and real people. Let your customers peek behind the scenes of your company and share emotional and funny stories about your brand. These things attract more viewers and get more re-pins on Pinterest. People will love your brand more when you connect to them in an emotional and honest way.

• Pin regarding Important Events
When your brand hosts special events, share it with your customers on Pinterest. You may create a separate pin board especially for the event and pin the profiles of speakers, photos from the event, special highlights, etc. You may even mention any workshops that might have been there. You may even add a note or two along with the photos to keep the boards alive and generate more interest.

• Have A New Product Launch? Create a Board for it!
This is almost similar to creating a board for events. If you are having a new product launch scheduled, make sure you get a board dedicated for it to create awareness among customers. You don’t need to wait till the product is released, instead, use this as a pre-launch strategy to generate buzz for it. You can pin photos of the product, include features or anything interesting that the prospective customers would want to know. You may ask people to leave feedback for your product; however this might be a little tricky if you feel people might leave negative feedback as well. This will be useful in the long run because you will know what people think about your product. Create a board with “Omaha” in it to attract local visitors.

• Offer Exclusive Deal For Your Followers On Pinterest
Who doesn’t love discounts? This is a great way to promote your products directly, and at the same time reward your followers. It works all the time! You may think creatively and come up with new and interesting ways of offering deals and discounts on your product for the Pinterest followers. You may offer coupon codes and leave links on boards for customers to click through to the main product page and then use the code to avail the discount.

• Build an Attractive Video Gallery
Pinterest is also about visual media, and videos can work wonders for your brand. There are several facilities for anyone wanting to create a video tutorial, record a part of a webinar, conference or just a commercial. You can also add annotations to make your videos more eye-catching. This encourages your audience to pin the videos if they find them interesting. Thus, these annotations should prompt the viewers to pin the videos on Pinterest or provide a link to your profile. They also serve as an invitation to users to interact with you in a different way.

• encourage Users to Comment, Like, and Re-Pin
The most-talked about pins on Pinterest get more likes, comments, and re-pins from audience. You can invite people to do one of the three things instead of just leaving it up to them. Think out-of-the-box to come up with ideas to engage your audience and get them to like, comment or re-pin. You can pin attractive photos and ask your users to guess the location in Omaha. To make the most of your Pinterest experience, make sure you use your new pins and boards as opportunities to interact and engage with others.

• Make Sure Your Images Are Watermarked
Don’t forget that most of the pins you see on Pinterest have been re-pinned. After the image of a pet toy that was originally pinned by you gets several re-pins, people forget where it originated from. Not knowing where the image came from may dilute your marketing campaign, and you slowly start losing the impact that you want it to the product. To avoid this from happening, make sure you watermark each image that you pin on Pinterest. You may use your web address or brand logo, but it should remind the onlookers where the image originated from.

• Use Pinterest to Know Your Customers’ Mind
You can use Pinterest to know what your target audience is thinking and creating focus groups is excellent way to do this. Create a separate board for a new product developed by your company and see how your Pinterest followers react to it. Having a separate board for product development helps you know your customers’ mind and see their reaction towards your new product. Finding out your clients and visitors opinions is one of the best marketing strategies that you may apply. Invite followers to leave their feedback to know what they like or don’t like the product. The best way to find out what’s in the customer’s mind is to ask them.

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