How to make your painting company more visible on the web

They’re many things offered on the internet to make your painting company more visible, but making decisions on how you promote your business is from the return on investment. The question is then how much money are you spending compared to how much money that you are making from the app or company that you hired? Some of the best solutions are things that you can do on your own to produce better web results.

Below are a few things you can do to make your painting company rank higher on the internet.

  1. List your painting company in pages and directories including Yelp, Facebook, Yellowpages (online), Linkedin, and Google Plus. Add places you are going and pics of you! Also, add hashtags to your location on Google Plus and Facebook using “#Omaha,” for example. Linkedin provides an excellent demographic to show your painting services.
  2. The more pictures and videos the better! Post your pictures of your work, your clients, and even their pets on your website (don’t tell me you don’t have a website?!), and social media every chance you possibly have. Install apps on your mobile phone to make it easier to get the pictures and videos of your painting jobs out there.
  3. Advertise when necessary! Create a targeted ads on Facebook (or just post pages from your website), and then boost the post during your busier times of the year. “Boosting” a post cost $1 to $20, and you get to select how much you want to spend.
  4. Get reviews on Google and Yelp! Reviews are an excellent way of showing what great work your painting company does and validates the quality of your service when meeting your customers. Google reviews can help your visibility in search.

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