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More About Our Work with Nonprofits

More About Our Work with Nonprofits We power many non-profit (not for profit, NGO, 501) websites, and many of those are located in Nebraska. Our roles vary according to our client’s needs. With some clients, we manage their website, with others, we just provide staff training. Included with our work for nonprofits, we provide free consultations to find solutions to challenges that may arise including email solutions, web design, social media, staff training, and even SEO (search engine optimization). Our goal is to support the nonprofit and become a member of the team. We also offer computer IT support as well. One of the more exciting things in the past few years is the ability to access our client’s systems remotely when necessary to assist with Read More →

Starting a New WordPress Tutorial Series in Omaha

How to add images to a page or post in WordPress We continue to be committed to providing the best user experience possible, and with this ongoing effort, we are beginning a new WordPress tutorial series. The series will cover all areas of using, maintaining, and designing with the most popular blog and website platform in the world, WordPress. We will be covering everything from adding a page to adding an image to help make building your website an easier and much more fun experience. WordPress currently powers almost any small business website on the internet today, and its use and simplicity has made it the most popular platform by choice. We look forward to publishing more tutorials in the future, and if you have any questions, please call 402-813-4034, or Read More →

Changes to Websnoogie, and Future Plans

We have upgraded our hosting platform in the past few months to make it more enjoyable for our clients and a much greater visibility for by using this branding instead of ABComputeredhost. We’ve added an independent website builder that’s a standalone software system that makes it possible to get a website up in 30 minutes. Our growth and demand with the web hosting segment of our company has been much great than initially anticipated and we are moving forward with providing our web hosting to the community by expanding our marketing beyond the scope of our web design clients, and outside of our Omaha customer base. The most popular plan we have is the  “Great hosting Plan“, and can accommodate Read More →

How to Use the Filezilla Client

Ever noticed how disappointing it can get with having to design a whole website only to get stuck at the uploading part? What makes it even worse is the knowledge that you have all the requisite programs for the work; even a file transfer client such as Filezilla but you can’t figure out exactly how to navigate through all the menus and facilities. Further, the quick guide available on Filezilla Wiki may not prove that easy for a starter as it jumps to the technicalities a bit too soon. How to Use the Filezilla Client was last modified: November 1st, 2014 by Websnoogie StaffLink to this post! Read More →

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