Things your Non-Profit can do to look like a superstar on the web
— Pages to Create —

(Make the pages rich as possible by including a unique listing and adding pictures and videos).

  1. Create a Facebook Page
  2. Create a Linkedin Page
  3. Create a Google Plus Page
  4. Create a Manta Page
  5. Create a Yelp Page
  6. Create a website (Yes!)
  7. Create a website blog (Yes!)
  8. Create an Express Update Page
  9. Create Yellowpages Page
  10. Create a Merchant Circle Page

— Daily Posting —
(Copy and paste your post except for the blog and pages. The blog post and pages should have unique content that you find nowhere else. The best practice is that your post leads the reader back to your website. Content should always target your cause, your user, your members, or should be a donation ask. Take 1 picture or video per day of the town and places where you go, events you attend even if you are conference calling, staff in your organization, any signs that support your cause including billboards on the road).

  • Post to Facebook
  • Post on Google Plus
  • Create a new page on your website
  • Post on your blog
  • Post to Linkedin

— Interact With Your Audience —

Reply to any comments on your pages (unless spam).

— Ask for Reviews of Your Community Work —

Always ask your audience to write reviews on Google to help you on search (if clients adding reviews are acceptable).

— Do an Ask for Donations —

Every few days, ask for donations and offer a payment portal such as PayPal to complete the Payment. When you create a button on PayPal, there is a tab for you to send an email link. You can post this link on Facebook or anywhere else, and when the user clicks the link, it takes then to your donation page on PayPal.

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