Omaha web design is web design offered by local companies in the Omaha, Nebraska (estimated population 1,881,503) area. It is not a particular style, type or brand in itself, but it is all web designers in Omaha and surrounding areas such as Papillion, Ralston, Elkhorn, Bennington, Millard and Gretna. Web design is the action performed in creating a website for a business or individual. Prices for web design vary from $200 to over $6,000, depending on the need of the customer and the applications of the website.

The types of designers vary as well, with some using a mock-up before publishing the website, while other designers create demos; and in some cases, designers who simply take the pictures and content the client provides and produces the website “live” with what they feel the client would want. The educational background of most Omaha web designers includes some college, practicum, and depending on whether they work independently or as a contractor, they may also have some sales and marketing skills as well. At any one time, there is probably 200-300 designers in the Omaha area, but there is only around 20 web design companies that have more presence on the major search engines. Individuals who perform web design may offer other services, including SEO (search engine optimization) and web hosting as well. The best practice when looking for a web designer includes reading their reviews, calling the company to interview a designer, and viewing some of their previous work.