In this WordPress tutorial series, our Omaha Web Hosting and Web Design company will show you how to add a heading in WordPress. Adding a header is fairly simple, and it can be changed through the visual editor. We will be publishing more tutorials for WordPress designers who are local in Omaha in the future.

How do I add a Heading in WordPress?

Heading styles in WordPress not only give your viewers a better visual representation of what the important points of your posts or pages are, but the also help search engines determine the important content on your site; helping improve your visibility on the web. To create headings, make sure that the post editor is showing the second-row formatting options by clicking on the “Show Kitchen Sink” button at the top right of the content toolbar. From here, you will see that the default styling is the paragraph. Highlight the text area that you would like to modify and the use the drop-down menu to select a different style. By default, the WordPress CMS offers six completely different heading styles for highlighting the points in your content or for separating the content on the same page as you are working. Heading 1 is usually the by far the largest and most important (since the search engines place a lot of weight on the H1 Tag), heading and it incrementally scales down for each of the following headings. When the content that you are publishing is in the formatted manner as you would like it to appear on your website, remember to press the blue button on the right side of the page to “Save” or “Publish” your content.


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