In this video tutorial, we describe how to add an image from a page or post with your Omaha website built in WordPress. Adding images is fairly easy, and they’re two separate ways to perform this.

How to Add Images to a Page or Post using WordPress

If you already have an image in your media library that you would like to put into your post, simply click “Add Media” in your editor. WordPress gives you the option to upload your media, but if you click over to the next tab, you have access to all your previously uploaded content in your media library. Just select the image that you want, adjust the settings how you like and click “Insert into Post.” Your image will automatically be added to wherever your cursor was in the post. Hit “Preview” to see what your post will look like or hit “Publish” to make your post public.

Using the media library, you can directly access your images by clicking the “Add Media” button above the text editor on the left.
Please keep in mind that when you add media, you should scroll down the right side of the page to the options for the media. Those options include if you want the media to be a separate attachment on the website, the size of the media, and the alignment of the media. You should use the “align left” in many cases, so the text wraps around the media on the right side.

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