In this video tutorial, we will be going over more about how to add media in WordPress. Adding pictures, PDFs, and other media can increase the value to your website. Adding media is relatively easy, and you need to start out by going over to your post or page.

To Upload new files such as images and video to your media library, go to the dashboard on the left-hand side of the page, and then go down to the media are, and select “Add New”. The next screen that will appear is the media file upload. You can upload files by dragging them into the media upload area, or you can also click “Select files” which will open a window where you can select the files that you would like to upload to the website. If your browser is having an issue with the multi-file uploader, you can also select the “browser uploader”, located just below the media uploader area, and is for use on older browsers.

When uploading a file, a uploading progress bar will appear and show you the progress of the current upload.

After the upload has completed, you can click “Edit”, and this will bring you to the media editor where you can make modifications as you wish.

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