Using categories in WordPress is a fundamental part of blogging. Categories make it possible to group your content to make it easier for a user to search. In this tutorial, we will show you how to use categories to make your blog better for future visitors.

Categories are easy to create to organize the content on the website. To create a category, go to the dashboard, and on the left side of your screen, hover your mouse over the post, and a menu will pop out with a link to “Categories”. Click the link on the menu, and the categories sreen will appear.

You can then name your category, and then next, give the category a slug that will show up in the web address to provide you with search friendly URLs. If no slug is created, one will automatically be created based on the category name. You can then assign a general category as a parent, and then have child categories. Using this method of creating parent and child categories can help better organize content. Finally, you can add a description, so the category is defined, and some themes will show the description on the page for that category.

When finished, just click “Add New Category”. If you ever need to change a category, just hover over the one that you would like to change, and click “Edit”.

Optionally you can also add categories on the right-hand side of your post page. Before publishing a post, check the category of the content, and then click “Publish”.

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