In this tutorial, we will be showing you how to use the admin bar. Using the admin bar correctly is a fundamental part of operating your WordPress website.

When you are logged into the admin area of your site, you will see a dark gray bar at the top of the screen, and that is your admin bar. The admin bar can only be seen by someone who is logged in the website. The admin bar provides several options, and quick links to access different areas of your site in WordPress. A typical admin bar offers the following items.

Starting from the far left side, you have the WordPress icon that provides useful information links from including support and contact forms. To the right of the WordPress icon, you may have a link to access multiple sites and the dashboard for each site on your multisite platform. If you don’t have a multisite, the dropdown to the right is option links for your website. The drop-down options will typically include a link to the dashboard, themes, widgets, and menus.

To the right of those options, you have a link to customize your WordPress website. Next, you have a link to the comments area of WordPress where you can edit, delete, and reply to comments. To the right of the comments link, you have the “New” link that offers numerous options where you can add a new post, page, media, or user. If you are on a post or page, you will also have a link to “Edit Post” or Edit Page” to the right of the “New” link. Some application plugins that you add in WordPress will optionally add more functions to the admin bar. To the far right of the admin bar, you have options for your profile, and when you hover over the profile, a dropdown with your avatar icon (you can change your avatar icon at Gravatar) where you can edit your profile or log out. Lastly, there is a search icon that when clicked on allows you to search for any page or post on your WordPress website.

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