The best practices with Omaha SEO for your business marketing is your title tags to stay within 50-70 characters in your title of the pages on your website. We have found adding more than one single keyword in your title can be of value. Make your titles very clear with primarily focusing on marketing your message, product, brand, or service. You should also add your business name to the front of the title tag. Always make sure that you are using proper HTML markup in your web design to help with the best performance in SEO with your Omaha Business. See the example below:

<title>Company Name | Your Awesome Page Title with Keywords</title>
The great content (text and graphics) about your business!

Good SEO practices for Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Our best Omaha SEO practices that we recommend for meta descriptions is to keep them within 150-170 characters. You should be totally focused on the marketing efforts of the meta description since it has a high impact when a visitor is going to click on your listing with the search engines. Describe you business, products, and services that will motivate your visitor to click. Leveraging your meta description combined with good coding will be a great benefit to your Omaha SEO efforts.

<meta name="description" content="You should focus on marketing,,,"/>

Perform meta keyword descriptions by adding a few keywords, but none of the major search engines use meta keywords. The reason that you may want to consider still going down the meta path is because there may be a search engine that is still using them, and also, your are demonstrating to large search engines that you are performing the best Omaha SEO possible with using proper standards and practices in your web design.

Last, be sure to go back and evaluate the performance of your title tags and look at your CTR (click through ratio) and review the performance of your meta description. Recheck the HTML coding in your web design if there is a problem. You may need to try different verbiage to ensure that your Omaha SEO of your business is performing to reach your business goals.

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