Omaha Gives 24
Our Omaha web design, hosting and SEO company has customers across the state of Nebraska, but some of our local nonprofits were engaged in Omaha Gives 24. Omaha Gives 24 is a charity donation event held locally in Omaha, Nebraska every year. The idea behind Omaha Gives is to raise money for local nonprofit organizations during a 24 hour period.

We felt supporting these organizations through ads and promotions was part of our ongoing mission to give back to the community. Each of the organizations has been around for several years and are part of what makes our city so great.

We had four local nonprofits who had signed up for the event. They were NAMI Nebraska, The Nebraska Family Support Network, Senior Health Foundation, and the Douglas County Community Mental Health Center Foundation.

NAMI Nebraska not only helps people, but they also save millions a year in health care cost in the state. They provide mental support groups and educational programs throughout the state of Nebraska for free. The educational programs include classes on how to be a better supporter (Family-to-Family Program) and how parents can be a better champion of children with a mental health issue.

The Nebraska Family Support Network helps to keep families together and save taxpayers money since a split family creates a greater burden on the state in many cases.  They also provide the case workers for the Nebraska Family Helpline (you may have seen the commercials on TV). The purpose of the helpline is to connect children to services in their local area.

Senior health Foundation takes care of our seniors in Omaha that are on a limited income. They provide housing for our elderly that has to go into a nursing home or assisted living. Since they are not a private payer facility, they primarily depend on Medicare and Medicaid, and donations to keep things running.

Douglas County Community Mental Health Center formerly known as Douglas County Hospital. Their Foundation funds patient issues that would otherwise fall through the cracks. It also supports activities for the patients and recognition activities for the employees as well.

We were unable to set up conversion data since Omaha Gives is a separate website. However, the feedback that we have received from some of the nonprofits suggest that the ads did help or brought attention to those who were regular contributors to those organizations.

The total raised by the nonprofits we supported was $10,700. We feel that the time and money was well spent and we look forward to assisting our nonprofits in the future next year.

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