Non-profits are usually working very hard to get their message out and also to raise funding. One big problem is there is not always useful information on how to promote your organization on Facebook. Sometimes non-profits can gather an audience faster in most industries, and that depends some on their cause and the amount of time they connect with members and visitors online and offline. Much of using social media is about maximizing your exposure to your organization can spend less time working on it, and you can devote more time working on your cause.

Below is a simple list of things you can do to increase your exposure on Facebook:

1- Limit the number of articles that go to other websites. Sharing articles for your audience is good, but even better is when articles are on your blog or page from your organization’s website.

2- When you post an article on Facebook, add your description or opinion of the article. Use hashtags¬†(#), locations, and your opinion when you share an article. For example, “We love this piece on how to help protect our #children in #Nebraska!”. Don’t sound fake.

3- Don’t over-promote your fundraising efforts. If you are trying to raise funds, space out requests unless there’s news about the fundraising event. Once that people are informed, give them reminders on occasion, because if you ask too frequently, you may turn off your audience and lose potential donations.

4- Add pictures and video in almost every post. People love photos and videos, and that also can get people talking about your organization by using this easy and fast method for promotion.

5- Respond to comments. When you post something, and you are receiving comments, be sure to answer. Responding to comments connects you to your audience and it makes them feel special, and feeling special could mean more significant donations and possibly more volunteer hours.

Two of the most important rules is to engage your audience and sound authentic to visitors. After all, this is SOCIAL media, isn’t it? Add: If someone is doing a wrong behavior, it is ok to block them, but be gentle. Always remember that your visitor can also be a potential donor.

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