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Good SEO doesn’t automatically anymore.

With a new age of Google, many SEO professionals are lost because many brute force tactics don’t work anymore. Some of the current pitfalls of SEO are:

  • Guest Posting
  • Blog Spamming
  • Making the anchor links, title tags, and keywords all the same thing
  • Having “dofollow” links to spam articles
  • Duplicate Content
  • Low-Quality Content

To really understand Google, the first step is to forget Google and get content out that other people other people like and link to from the useful post on your website. Google, Yahoo, and Bing are all good search engines with Google having the lion share of the market. Thus, most of our decisions regarding best SEO (search engine optimization) practices are based on what Google suggest for us to do.

When you are writing your content, clear your mind of all the rules and just write naturally. You can go back through the content and make the changes to help you for search before you are ready to publish. One of the best pieces of advice that we have ever been given is to blog like you are your best friend and talking it up about what your subject is.

One of the things that have not changed with search is a call to action on the page.

1 – Explain what the problem is
2 – Explain your solution
3 – Explain your benefits
4 – Tell the visitor what you want them to do (fill out a form, call, etc.)

Also, know your audience. If you have been in business for a long time, you probably have a general idea of what your demographic is for your advertising. Otherwise, there is several ways of discovering your audience. Write your blogs and pages for your target audience.

Performing proper web design standards and practices are necessary for your website design also. You want your links to connect, your pictures to display, and your code to be as fast as possible.

You also want a good web hosting company to host your website so the load speed will be fast as possible as it does make a difference with the search engines.

With the ever dynamic environment for SEO today one thing is still clear. Content is king, but just good standards and practices in web design and web hosting are important too.



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