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Four Web Design Changes to your Carpet Installation Website to Make You Look Better on Search

Make your carpet installation company look awesome on the web! When you are trying to promote your carpet installation company, you are usually in a competitive space depending on what city you’re located in. The positive thing is many companies that you compete against don\’t take the time to ramp up their website to make it more visible on search. The most important aspect is becoming aware how people find you and avoiding marketing companies that promise what seems to be impossible and usually is. Below we have listed some of our recommendations to increase your visibility. Installing an SEO Plugin – An SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plugin controls things like the title tags and description of your page (known as meta descriptions) that get displayed in your search Four Read More →

Small to Medium Size Nonprofits Look Amazing on the Web Using this Process

Small to Medium Size Nonprofits Look Amazing on the Web Using this Process As a web design and hosting company, productivity is critical as it is in many sectors including nonprofits. A couple of years ago, I realized that we had a limited amount of production we could provide without hiring more personnel. We faced the challenge of what many small businesses face with thresholds of production. To increase the efficiency of our company, we had to develop suitable processes to improve productivity (and reduce stress!). Many nonprofits face that same challenge regarding limits on how much that can be produced in a single day, due to budgetary limits, and in some cases, regulatory requirements. When working with online marketing, production is imperative, especially regarding social media. In some cases, companies have dropped Read More →

Suggestions for Good SEO Practices

A computer with the Websnoogie logo and SEO above it With a new age of Google, many SEO professionals are lost because many brute force tactics don’t work anymore. Some of the current pitfalls of SEO are: Guest Posting Blog Spamming Making the anchor links, title tags, and keywords all the same thing Having “dofollow” links to spam articles Duplicate Content Low-Quality Content To really understand Google, the first step is Suggestions for Good SEO Practices was last modified: March 20th, 2016 by Websnoogie StaffLink to this post! Read More →

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