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Note: Some of the information below are excerpts from our marketing interview with Midlands Business Journal. The interview would be the second time that we have had the opportunity to provide for them, and they are a leading contributor of business news and information in the Nebraska area.

We have discussed in our previous post about steps in marketing, but there are essential steps that have to be performed in any marketing or SEO process. The primary issue for most people is that performing these measures can become overwhelming and time-consuming, but to fully understand the anatomy of SEO, you will have to wear the hat of a marketer like a marketing agency. To understand what a good SEO or marketer is, we must realize that it has absolutely nothing to do with getting high numbers of visitors to your website. If this were to be true, there are some ways just to drive traffic, and everyone would be making a gazillion (uh, Gump speak) dollars right now, right? For example, an offline marketer will typically start by:

Anatomy of a SEO

We think that if Leonardo da Vinci was alive today, he would be a great SEO because of his attention to detail, and SEO is somewhat like painting a picture on the internet about your business or product. (Picture courtesy of Wikipedia)

  • Gathering or analyzing data of interest about the product or company (including target demographics and segments: age, income, etc.)
  • Develop a marketing strategy according to the goals of the company
  • Execute the plan with media that is most likely to target the demographic or segment most interested in the product (from the data obtained)

As with the example above, so is the marketing plan similar with the SEO or Website Marketer. The website marketer will also drill down into the intended data that he or she will collect with web tools such as the Google Keyword Planner tool. A social media marketer may use other tools such as Hootsuite to place the website in different outlets and locations on the web when the time comes for your marketing strategy execution. An internet marketer may use the following strategy to provide web marketing services:

  • Gathering or analyzing data of interest about the product or company (including target demographics and segments: industry, age, income, etc.)
  • Research Keywords (including lateral or similar keywords) that coincides with the data of interest about the company (several things can be discovered here including “sweet spots” of weak competition, but high visibility and surprise demographic or segment data)
  • Develop a marketing strategy according to the goals of the company
  • Execute the plan with content (information in the form of words and pictures) that is most likely to target the demographic, segment, and keywords of those who are most interested in the product (from the data obtained). A good marketing agent will also find other locations on the internet highway to attract traffic back to the website

The above examples are somewhat of a standard boilerplate process when it comes to marketing, and web marketers (also including offline marketers) can go much more in depth than in this information provided. The primary focus of any advertising campaign is staying on track with proper standards and practices that you will know that the plan is going to work, and not going off the SEO farm with some goofy attempts to market your website.

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