Four Web Design Changes to your Carpet Installation Website to Make You Look Better on Search

Make your carpet installation company look awesome on the web! When you are trying to promote your carpet installation company, you are usually in a competitive space depending on what city you’re located in. The positive thing is many companies that you compete against don\’t take the time to ramp up their website to make it more visible on search. The most important aspect is becoming aware how people find you and avoiding marketing companies that promise what seems to be impossible and usually is. Below we have listed some of our recommendations to increase your visibility. Installing an SEO Plugin – An SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plugin controls things like the title tags and description of your page (known as meta descriptions) that get displayed in your search Four Read More →

Things Your Non-Profit Can Do to Make You a Superstar on the Web!

Things your Non-Profit can do to look like a superstar on the web — Pages to Create — (Make the pages rich as possible by including a unique listing and adding pictures and videos). Create a Facebook Page Create a Linkedin Page Create a Google Plus Page Create a Manta Page Create a Yelp Page Create a website (Yes!) Create a website blog (Yes!) Create an Express Update Page Create Yellowpages Page Create a Merchant Circle Page — Daily Posting — (Copy and paste your post except for the blog and pages. The blog post and pages should have unique content that you find nowhere else. The best practice is that your post leads the reader back to your website. Content should always target your cause, your user, your members, or should be Read More →

4 Things to Make Your Painting Company More Visible on the Web

4 Things to Make Your Painting Company More Visible on the Web There’re many things offered on the internet to make your painting company more visible, but making decisions on how you promote your business is from the return on investment. The question is then how much money are you spending compared to how much money that you are making from the app or company that you hired? Some of the best solutions are things that you can do on your own to produce better web results. Below are a few things you can do to make your painting company rank higher on the internet. List your painting company in pages and directories including Yelp, Facebook, Yellowpages (online), Linkedin, and Google Plus. Add places you are going and pics of you! Also, Read More →

5 Rules that Will Help Your Non-Profit Organization on Facebook

5 Rules for non-profits marketing on Facebook Non-profits are usually working very hard to get their message out and also to raise funding. One big problem is there is not always good information on how to promote your organization on Facebook. Sometimes non-profits can gather an audience faster in most industries, and that depends some on their cause and the amount of time they connect with members and visitors online and offline. Much of using social media is about maximizing your exposure so your organization can spend less time working on it, and you can devote more time working on your cause. Below is a simple list of things you can do to increase your exposure on Facebook: 1- Limit the number of articles that go to Read More →

Small Business (Contractor) Checklist and Tips to Get More Sales

Small Business (Contractor) Checklist and Tips to Get More Sales If you are an independent contractor or a small business (one or two man show), you hopefully are on the web. Recent statistics show that 87% of all small business or contractor work is found on the internet, but the problem is only a small percentage of contractors have a website. Most contractors depend only on Facebook and the Yellow pages (internet). Without a website, you decrease trust, and when a client calls, they have little information on what your business is about and it is harder to make the sale. Also, a lot of people will not call you, but they will fill out the contact form on your website. The small business contractors that we are talking about Read More →

Using SEO or Marketing for Brand or Product Promotion?

SEO-marketing-brand-or-product-promotion When it comes to using SEO or marketing for brand or product promotion, we love to use the example for Burger King. When you see an advertisement from Burger King—who, by the way, is very much at the top of the food chain in advertising (pardon the pun)—where you see brand promotion and product promotion together. For example, when you see the Burger King logo, and they say “Burger King, Home of the Whopper,” they are promoting their brand. When you see them describe their fish fillet sandwich on special, they are doing a product promotion. Obviously, both are important. Our company, Websnoogie, ran a commercial last year, and we have talked about this a few times, where we did Read More →

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