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Omaha Yext Directory Listing Services $85 a Month Helping You on Search

Omaha Yext Certified Partner Websnoogie, LLC is a proud Omaha Yext Certified Partner, and we offer complete Yext services to the general public. Google recently made an agreement with Yext™ to provide updates directly to Google products (Google+, etc.) directly from the Yext console. With the inclusion of Google, Yext now plays a role in updating all three search engines. The addition of Google is a massive event that affects the landscape of SEO (your ranking on the web). The problem is businesses change their addresses, have incorrect information and inconsistent information entered, and old phone numbers. Sometimes businesses also have duplicate business listings that can hurt you on the search engines as well. Yext provides a solution to this issue by making sure Read More →

Omaha SEO Practices With Title Tags and Meta Descriptions?

Omaha SEO Practices With Title Tags and Meta Descriptions? The best practices with Omaha SEO for your business marketing is your title tags to stay within 50-70 characters in your title of the pages on your website. We have found adding more than one single keyword in your title can be of value. Make your titles very clear with primarily focusing on marketing your message, product, brand, or service. You should also add your business name to the front of the title tag. Always make sure that you are using proper HTML markup in your web design to help with the best performance in SEO with your Omaha Business. See the example below: <html> <head> <title>Company Name | Your Awesome Page Title with Keywords</title> </head> <body> The great content Read More →

Using SEO or Marketing for Brand or Product Promotion?

SEO-marketing-brand-or-product-promotion When it comes to using SEO or marketing for brand or product promotion, we love to use the example for Burger King. When you see an advertisement from Burger King—who, by the way, is very much at the top of the food chain in advertising (pardon the pun)—where you see brand promotion and product promotion together. For example, when you see the Burger King logo, and they say “Burger King, Home of the Whopper,” they are promoting their brand. When you see them describe their fish fillet sandwich on special, they are doing a product promotion. Obviously, both are important. Our company, Websnoogie, ran a commercial last year, and we have talked about this a few times, where we did Read More →

Things You *Must Do* for SEO to Market Your Website or the Basic Anatomy of SEO

Things You *Must Do* for SEO to Market Your Website or the Basic Anatomy of SEO Note: Some of the information below are excerpts from our marketing interview with Midlands Business Journal. The interview would be the second time that we have had the opportunity to provide for them, and they are a leading contributor of business news and information in the Nebraska area. We have discussed in our previous post about steps in marketing, but there are essential steps that have to be performed in any marketing or SEO process. The primary issue for most people is that performing these measures can become overwhelming and time-consuming, but to fully understand the anatomy of SEO, you will have to wear the hat of a marketer like a marketing agency. To understand what a good SEO or Read More →

Suggestions for Good SEO Practices

A computer with the Websnoogie logo and SEO above it With a new age of Google, many SEO professionals are lost because many brute force tactics don’t work anymore. Some of the current pitfalls of SEO are: Guest Posting Blog Spamming Making the anchor links, title tags, and keywords all the same thing Having “dofollow” links to spam articles Duplicate Content Low-Quality Content To really understand Google, the first step is Suggestions for Good SEO Practices was last modified: March 20th, 2016 by Websnoogie StaffLink to this post! Read More →

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